Entrepreneur Insights

Why become an entrepreneur

Design your life with the end game in mind

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Brian Carruthers
Brian Carruthers

Author, Untrapped: Freedom Manifesto

This is the Time and PPLSI is the Place

Network Division President Don Thompson Leads From Experience

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Don Thompson
Don Thompson

Network Division President

Passive income starts
with a good team

Financial success is built one connection at a time

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Darnell Self
Darnell Self

Million Dollar Earner

Part-time business

Yes, it’s possible to earn sizeable income in your spare time

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Brian Carruthers
Brian Carruthers

Author, Untrapped: Freedom Manifesto

Leading Ladies

How ‘Ladies of Justice’ group is empowering and energizing women

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Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner

Senior Network Vice President

Top Reasons PPLSI is the best home-based business

Top Reasons PPLSI is the best home-based business

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Circle of Champions

>> Coach Fard Bell, California

Coach Fard Bell, California

Coach Fard was looking for a well-established, home-based business with massive opportunity for growth. PPLSI checked all his boxes.

Life-long learner Coach Fard Bell teaches others his formula for success

Coach Fard Bell lives up to his name. He believes success starts with being coachable and is fully achieved when you can turn around and coach others to be successful, too.
For Coach Fard, his PPLSI success journey started as a 19-year-old student who had never heard of network marketing before.
“I had a big dream and an empty bank account,” he says.
While he was solidly on the only path to success he’d heard of — go to college, get a job, work hard and wait for promotions and higher salaries to come with them — he quickly learned that working for others is a great way to make your boss rich.
“I heard a wise person say, ‘No matter how good your job is, until you own your own business, you are working to make the owners wealthy instead of working to make your own family wealthy,’” Coach Fard says. “As hard as that was for me to hear, that was my wake-up call. That was when I found the formula that set me free.”
His formula? “Find a home-based business that is well established, not easy to duplicate and has massive opportunity for long-term growth,” he says. “There is no work-from-home opportunity that meets all of my criteria better than PPLSI.”
Since joining in 1999, Coach Fard has built a successful business and team, become a work-from-home dad, a best-selling author and he is pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful coach.



Maryland resident Karen Beverly loves being able to help others with the memberships offered by PPLSI.

Single mom got tired of being away from her daughter to earn an income

When Karen Beverly heard about PPLSI in 1999 from her brother-in-law Darnell Self, it just clicked. “I saw the value in getting legal advice from a proactive and not reactive place,” Karen explains. “Our services help people with issues ranging from trivial to traumatic.” Before Karen joined the PPLSI movement, she was a single mother working a full-time job in HR.
“I liked what I did, but I didn’t like being away from my daughter to provide for her,” Karen says.
She started sharing PPLSI’s services with family and friends on the side. Those happy customers gave referrals, and her business started to take off. She started off timid. “I used to just throw down a business card and hope they called me,” Karen says. “But I got better through practice, and eventually I was talking to everyone about it with confidence.”
One of the best days in Karen’s PPLSI journey was when she quit her office job to pursue network marketing full time. Twenty-three years later, Karen is still a force in PPLSI. Her tools of choice include Zoom meetings, the PPLSI apps, and social media.
Not only has her confidence and income grown, she has set her daughter up for success in life — buying her a car, paying her way through college, and being an active part of her grandson’s life. The travel and community Karen has gained through PPLSI are the icing on the cake.
“I am so grateful I said yes,” Karen says



Brian Carruthers became a stay-at-home dad thanks to passive income through PPLSI.

From real estate to real money-earning potential through residual and leveraged

Brian Carruthers thought he had life figured out as a 28-year-old real estate agent, but then he was introduced to the concepts of residual and leveraged income. “Real estate agents have neither,” Brian says.
Brian started thinking about what his dreams would be, and he realized he was not living it. “I wanted more. I wanted an opportunity to earn a big income, and I wanted to enjoy it. I knew few people who had both at the same time,” he says.
Then Brian was shown the PPLSI business model, and he was blown away. He chose to get started part time. “Plenty of people told me I was dumb, crazy and wouldn’t succeed,” he says. Brian proved them wrong by earning his first million by the time he was 30.
“No compensation plan can touch PPLSI,” Brian says. “We have the most effective tools and a system that makes the business turnkey.”
Because of PPLSI, Brian is a stay-at-home dad alongside his wife, Melissa, and sons Talan, Colton and Aiden. “I will not miss my children growing up like many parents because I can plan the schedule for my business,” Brian says.
Brian and his family have traveled to 23 countries since being in PPLSI, making lifetime memories and continuing to earn money while on these trips.
“I could have never made this kind of passive income in real estate,” Brian says. “And what’s most important, I have helped hundreds retire from their jobs.”



Elizabeth Gardner seeks to inspire women in all of life’s stages with her work in PPLSI’s “Ladies of Justice.”

PPLSI empowers widow with income, flexibility and loving community

Elizabeth Gardner’s entrepreneurial roots run deep. Before starting their home-based business, she and her husband grew a law practice in South Carolina with six offices which won national awards for their marketing. When Elizabeth and John heard about PPLSI in 1998, they saw the game-changing opportunity to residual income and a life that would be more flexible and fulfilling. Elizabeth was consistent in sharing the business and following up.
“That consistency built momentum,” she says.
Eventually, her hard work paid off and she was making a great income and traveling frequently. Years later, when John was diagnosed with cancer, she put his care as her first priority.
“When I was in the hospital with John, I saw patients by themselves, and I knew that wasn’t how they wanted it to be. But the other spouse had to stay back and work in order to keep their insurance. It reminded me that this opportunity gives you options.” Elizabeth felt so much love and support from her PPLSI family, and it buoyed her up. When John passed in 2020, Elizabeth became a 53-year-old widow.
“I never thought this would be my situation,” she says “It helped me recognize the empowerment the business has given me.”
PPLSI has brought countless freedoms to Elizabeth and her family the ability to pay for her children’s education and travel with them, but more than that, create a life that is abundant in opportunity. Elizabeth is eternally grateful for the way her PPLSI business prepared her to thrive in all of life’s seasons.



Jackie and Alex Kotei brought their passion for life to PPLSI.

Maryland couple adds PPLSI to their lives in addition to boxing and media relations

Jackie Kotei had already found her entrepreneurial passion by the time a friend introduced her husband to PPLSI. A former news anchor, Jackie had started a media relations business dedicated to helping mission-driven entrepreneurs get their stories told.
Alex was a manager of boxers. While he loved the work — and continues to do it today — it was seasonal and meant Alex had periods of downtime where he was looking for business opportunities.
“When we went to PPLSI, I was mainly excited because I thought it would be something good for my husband to fill in gaps in boxing training,” Jackie says. “I wasn’t interested. I thought I needed to do something that was ‘my calling’ and I couldn’t see the ‘both-and’ side of it.”
But after attending their first convention in Salt Lake City, Alex and Jackie each dived in to the PPLSI opportunity. “She saw the vision after that,” Alex says.
For the Koteis, PPLSI was about more than legal services or even owning a home-based business. “This is a winning environment,” Jackie says. “You are able to be celebrated for accomplishments even at the most basic levels. No win is too small.” Celebrating success rang familiar to the boxing manager and public relations pro. And it felt good on the receiving end, too.
“This has been more fun than I thought it would be,” Jackie says. “It’s nice to connect with great people and be rewarded for doing the things you need to do anyway to have a successful business.”



Chip Humphrey was a professional diver for 13 years before diving into his love for network marketing.

Chip Humphrey dives head first with PPLSI’s exciting business opportunity

Chip Humphrey isn’t afraid to take risks and to dive into goals. In fact, a quick YouTube search for Chip is highlighted by world-championship cliff diving in Mexico and high-tower dives into a small pool in Hong Kong. From 1977 to 1990, Chip made his money as a professional diver, competing and performing in 22 countries around the world. “I am blessed and highly favored,” Chip says. “I got paid to travel around the world, care-free and with the chance to see so many amazing things.”
However, marriage and fatherhood brought a desire to settle down and to find a career that would enable him to be there for his wife and children. He dove into teaching and was a physical education and health educator before eventually becoming an assistant principal at a large high school in Florida.
“I loved working in education,” Chip says. “I was passionate about it, but the money sucked.” It was through a friend he first looked at starting a home-based business as a way to supplement his assistant principal salary with money that would allow him to follow non-educational pursuits. Eventually, he found PPLSI and became passionate about the continuing education the company provides. Plus, the ability to make good money in PPLSI and enabled him to retire in 2016.
“I follow my passions,” Chip says. “I’m driven by excitement, and the opportunities for growth and travel in PPLSI are exciting.”



Darcy and John Hoffman are always on the go for fun and for work — together.

PPLSI gave Darcy and John a scenario where everyone can win

Before becoming entrepreneurs, Darcy Hoffman was a traditional entrepreneur. She built a business with a great team. When she sold the company, she realized she was the only one who benefited. “It was then that I became open to the idea of direct sales,” Darcy says. “Because I saw it was a model where everyone can win.”
For Darcy’s husband, John, it was a corporate America downsizing that got him excited about the idea of entrepreneurship. “I looked at life differently,” he says. “I started studying business owners. Their success left clues.”
Together, the couple decided to take on building a business with PPLSI. They sought out mentors and made a decision to be humble and teachable. That mindset and the couple’s “take action” personalities made for a booming business. They lived by four steps: use the product, share the product, coach, and duplicate.
Now, 30+ years later, their business has been sustainable due in large part to truly believing in PPLSI’s services. Not only do they love the products, they only seek out others who love them as well. “We would never be involved with a company or product without a value proposition that doesn’t stand tall,” John says.
Their success has allowed them to give back to charity, be heavily involved in their daughters’ athletic dreams, and achieve personal goals like John becoming a pilot. “It has allowed us to keep our family together and make a difference while making a living,” Darcy says.



Cliff Malloy went from living paycheck to paycheck — to becoming financially successful with PPLSI.

Cliff Malloy rises because of the confidence he found in the PPLSI opportunity

Before partnering with PPLSI, Cliff Malloy was living paycheck to paycheck from his two jobs. “Money was tight,” he says. “I was broke every day.”
This father of three young boys looked at starting a home-based business as a chance to supplement his income from the two jobs, but he didn’t find success in his first attempts in the industry. However, a fortuitous call from a friend changed things for Cliff.
“A friend of mine from Texas, who I had worked with in the past, called me on the phone and asked if I had heard of PPLSI,” Cliff says. “I told him, ‘Yes, I’ve heard of it — and I’m not interested.’” But then, the friend said something that changed everything. He told Cliff that people were working with PPLSI part time, some of them without a high school diploma, and were changing their future.
That confidence of opportunity was all Cliff needed. He didn’t have to be the smartest person in the room with an advanced degree to be successful.
“I became a member right away,” Cliff says. “I immediately thought of other families and business owners who would likely become members, too.”
Cliff found increased income, but his bank account isn’t the only thing that changed. “They say, ‘Set a goal to become a millionaire. Not just for the money, but for the person you’ll need to become along the way,’” Cliff says. “With PPLSI, I’ve been blessed to earn an incredible income and become a better person at the same time.”



It took two introductions to PPLSI before Mike Humes believed it was a true possibility

Former mailman delivers PPLSI opportunities and single-father inspiration

Mike Humes is a single father of two who is at every recital and school event, thanks to the flexibility of PPLSI. Mike was the youngest inductee into the company’s Millionaire’s Club at age 32. Now at age 49, he runs a non profit with his friend, Darnell Self, who also happens to be the person who introduced Mike to PPLSI in the first place. Together, they cheer each other on in their love of PPLSI.
Mike’s success is noteworthy, but his backstory makes it all the more memorable. Prior to PPLSI, Mike’s only interaction with the law was on his postal worker route as he delivered mail to attorneys and law firms in Washington, D.C.
“I started delivering mail at age 21 and had been working as a postal worker for five years,” Mike says. “It was during this time I first heard about PPLSI, and I thought it was way too good to be true.” Two years later, Mike heard about PPLSI again. “This time, I gave it a try and was able to build a successful business and team,” Mike says.
No stranger to work, Mike has been bringing in income since age 13 to supplement the single-parent household where he was growing up. Now, being able to provide for his daughters brings him security and a sense of satisfaction.
“My favorite thing about PPLSI is the opportunity to grow,” he says. “The association is filled with amazing people who desire to serve others. Many people are stressed out about the legal justice system. This gives a voice to the voiceless.”



Mark and Jennifer Riches thought PPLSI sounded too good to be true. He’s never been happier to be wrong.

From Rags to Riches: The journey from a small apartment to a million-dollar ranch

Mark Riches’ name is what we call foreshadowing. But first, he had to experience “rags.”
Living in an apartment with five children in New Orleans, Mark and Jennifer were accumulating debt quickly. Mark was earning $1,500 per month, and the couple would spend more than that to keep the family fed and warm.
Fast forward to today, and Mark is glad he made the decision to begin a home-based business. He lives in a million-dollar ranch in Tennessee surrounded by his land, 10 children and 16 grandchildren. How did he do it? PPLSI.
“I met someone who was selling PPLSI to police departments in Louisiana,” Mark says. “Because I thought it was too good to be true, I went with him to one of his presentations. After I saw what PPLSI was, I couldn’t resist.”
Mark’s core motivation is helping others. “What really drives me is helping others to have financial success. I love helping people change their financial future,” Mark says. Unfortunately, Mark has seen some let fear get in the way and people miss out on opportunities.
“Don’t let your doubts keep you out of the business. Stay focused on the fact that it works for so many people,” Mark advises. “It is easy to get frustrated at first, but it gets easier as you learn the business. When you put in the time and learn how to do it, it works. I’m excited to be part of the PPLSI Millionaire Club. This is an opportunity that changed my entire life for the better.”



The Melia team’s reach is expansive: Steve lives in North Carolina, Mike lives in Florida and Kim lives in Mexico.

Tried-and-true trio builds on collective strengths

To sum it up succinctly — the Melia team works hard and plays even harder. Brothers Mike and Steve became entrepreneurs in the late 1990s and fell in love with the industry. A few years later, they decided to partner with PPLSI and have never looked back. When they added Kim to the mix, the trio found their groove. “We all have our different strengths, but it has been a blessing to have a partnership where we have each other’s back and learn from each other,” Kim says.
One of the biggest drivers of success has been each team member sharing his or her own transformation story. For Mike, it was about finding financial success with PPLSI in his 40s and then being able to fund his children’s college education dreams.
For Kim, it was about getting out of a job she hated, finding passion in her work, and heading up the team’s nonprofit “Work, Play, Love.” Steve models time freedom as he travels the world watching his favorite sports teams while still earning a significant income. After 20+ successful years with PPLSI, the team agrees that their keys to success are simple — daily calls, attending events, and focusing on helping people with the company’s services.
“This industry is all about doing the little things every day with a great attitude,” Mike says. While their path hasn’t been easy, the rewards are sweet.
“We are now at a point where this work is bigger than a paycheck,” Steve says. “We give people access to information that can change their lives, and we have fun doing it.”



Nick and Gayle Serba accomplished their dream of owning a mountain home.

A business built for two + their four sons

When Nick and Gayle Serba joined PPLSI almost 30 years ago, it was a part- time gig. Nick was busy running his insurance business, and Gayle had created successful personal development programs. “It evolved and as we put more time into it, we got bigger results,” Nick explains.
The Georgia couple became major catalysts of the company’s growth in the southern United States. They traveled and taught thousands of people about PPLSI’s legal services.
Gayle (a former Mrs. Georgia) noticed there were very few women coming to the meetings and she wanted to change that. She helped create a women’s group within the company called “Ladies of Justice.” She introduced women to a more relaxed method of sharing the business over a playdate at the park. The group flourished and is still going strong today.
Nick and Gayle were also simultaneously raising four sons who have all become involved in the business as well. The couple traveled to many places through the company’s incentive trips and always made it a priority to stay a few extra days to relax and recharge together. One of the couple’s big goals was to build a home in the mountains.
“Every time I got in the car to go to an event or a meeting, I thought about that mountain home,” Gayle says. Gayle got her gorgeous mountain home and has helped many other people achieve their goals through PPLSI.



Liz Lequeux and her husband, David, love the personal growth they’ve found in PPLSI

Jumping at the right opportunity did

Liz Lequeux gives PPLSI all the credit for providing her the tools to rise above her station in life. “When I was 24, I was working at a health club selling gym memberships and had $40,000 in credit card debt,” Liz says. “I made some bad financial decisions. I had moved from a small town to Los Angeles, had no money, was working paycheck to paycheck and my schedule was crazy.”
This began to change when Liz met Brian Carruthers at a restaurant. She couldn’t believe how incredible the PPLSI opportunity was. Liz started telling everyone about PPLSI because she believed everyone needed to hear about the legal services membership for a low monthly fee.
After spreading the message of PPLSI, Brian showed her how she could be getting paid for sharing. “PPLSI has given me so much,” Liz says. “I started chipping away at my debt. Month by month and year by year, I have become debt free. I started saving and investing.”
Along with that, Liz and her husband, David, are closing on a spacious new home with six bedrooms. PPLSI has given Liz financial stability so her husband could retire and they can travel. (Her favorite reward trip was to Hawaii. Aloha, PPLSI!)
Liz encourages everyone she knows to join PPLSI. “The personal growth you find here is equal in importance to the financial growth, and the team is filled with people who help you grow yourself and your business,” Liz says.



Darnell and Traci Self celebrate every step of the way for themselves and others.

PPLSI opens the door for profit — and for building non-profits

Darnell and Traci Self are natural givers. They are genuinely interested in and motivated by the outrageous success of others. Helping others find success is the passionate daily pursuit and has led them to meet their own financial goals.
“I’m a person who likes to seecommunities thrive,” Darnell says. “It is about more than just impacting my own life, but also impacting the lives of other people.”
That ability to celebrate the raising up of others was one of the things that helped Darnell recognize that PPLSI was a different opportunity than others he’d explored before. In fact, within one month, he’d already seen people he introduced to the business make more than him.
“With PPLSI, I could introduce them to the opportunity and then be rewarded for their success,” Darnell says. “Other companies pay you when they sign up or if they buy the product. This company rewards you for their success.”
This success-first approach — combined with the one-of-a-kind product — made sharing the business easy. And the team celebrates wins. “Success comes one step at a time, but every step should be celebrated,” Darnell says.
The success Darnell and Traci have found has enabled them to build their community in other ways, too. The pair have supported their children on mission trips, and Darnell started a non-profit called Fertile Ground with his best friend, Michael Humes.

Opportunity Knocks

Making money while helping others

Making money while helping others

Making a living making a difference

You don’t need an impressive resume or years of experience to become a PPLSI associate. If you have determination to succeed while empowering the public with legal protection, you have what it takes.

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Death and taxes

Death and taxes aren’t as inevitable as once thought

We can’t do much about death. But taxes?

Home-based businesses offer tax advantages that save money and open opportunities for deductions and increased wealth

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Leveraged income business

Why you shoud start your own leveraged-income business

Residual income is the key to wealth

While most people look for jobs and a steady paycheck, the wealthy build networks where they leverage their time to earn residual dollars. But make sure you hitch your wagon to the right company to accomplish these goals.

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Your privacy is your business
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Every journey to PPLSI has its own plot line and characters.

Spoiler alert! These stories all have the same happy plot twist.

Anita Sarda
“I was tired of working 60 to 80 hours a week in my corporate Canada executive career, knowing I had hit a ceiling on my income. With my life in shambles between a court battle fighting to keep my two young kids, keeping my head above water financially and trying to keep my career intact, I started sharing something I truly believed in. I didn’t consider it a business or career. For four years, I helped people understand the power of our service, to recruit people and to marvel at the level of personal development that this PPLSI family poured into me. I never missed a big event, and at one conference, I finally understood the concept of residual income. At that moment I realized I could (and should) only do PPLSI. Not only could I earn an income, but I could build a legacy for my family.”
— Anita Sarda
Wil & Estrada Dadzie
“We were introduced to PPLSI by a friend, and ever since, it has been nothing short of an INCREDIBLE journey. Estrada and I are both 10-year military vets. When we looked at the services this company provided, we thought it was something we could use and that everyone needed. We became members right away. My wife was skeptical when it came to the opportunity because she thought, ‘If the business worked so well, why wasn’t everyone doing it?’ However, she agreed to support me. Once we received our first check, my wife became an instant believer! In addition to the extra income, PPLSI gives us the opportunity to earn vacations and bonuses. We have built extraordinary relationships along the way. PPLSI has allowed us the ability to visit other countries in the last six years, and we’re just getting started.”
— Wil & Estrada Dadzie
Brenda Anderson
“In the beginning of my PPLSI journey, initially I just wanted to earn enough money each week so I wouldn’t have to work for someone else. I accomplished that, and through consistent daily activity, commitment and a strong desire to succeed, my income continued to grow and so did my goals. Dreams can come true in the world of PPLSI! I look forward to the years ahead with this incredible company because I know my income is directly related to the number of people I help through this business. I am very proud to be a part of a company with so much purpose, vision and integrity!”
— Brenda Anderson
Bill Stovall
“Due to a corporate takeover in 2002, I found myself with no job. So, I decided to start a traditional business. Over the course of the next 18 months, I lost most of my life savings on that traditional business. In 2004, after using my LegalShield Membership many times, I decided to become a PPLSI Associate. Today, I work from my home office. I have no employees, no rent and no inventory, plus I have more time to spend with friends and family. I work with business owners to make them more profitable. I also help people who want to earn extra income and find an opportunity like I did. I have found my entire experience to be very rewarding.”
— Bill Stovall
April Hurst
“I was working in advertising, and I was earning six figures. Truthfully, I wasn’t loving life, but I looked like I was living the life. One day I got a phone call from my CFO. He said, ‘April, effective last pay period you’re going to have to take a pay cut.’ I got three more pay cuts in 18 months, which resulted in a 40 percent decrease in my income, and I was financially devastated. I lost everything in that period of time. Thankfully, a girlfriend of mine shared PPLSI with me, and I saw it as a way to regain my financial independence.”
— April Hurst
Alex Shahid
“I was a 22-year-old college kid working nights and weekends as a server and a personal trainer – really frustrated because I was always exchanging time for money; I was in a rut that I didn’t know how to get out of. One of my clients asked if I’d like to see a business project he was working on. I said, ‘Sure, whatcha got?’ He gave me information and it blew me away, and I started a career and a journey. I never would have thought that the mentoring, coaching and development program this company has would have let me develop a 10-year career that has paid us almost a million dollars. Today we earn a strong 6-figure annual income with PPLSI. The journey was so rewarding to find out who I could become, and I was so motivated to become the best version of myself.”
— Alex Shahid
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